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Can a house be cursed?

If you are referring to a physical building, it is possible for demonic activity to be an influence. If you are referring to a family, the same is true. But there is something important to remember.

When a person is in Jesus Christ, he has the right to kick the demonic influence out by prayer. In the Scriptures, Jesus was constantly delivering people from evil spirits (demons). Many years ago, a minister, Dr. Lester Sumrall, was in the Philippines. He was asleep when suddenly the whole room went demonic, with flying curtains, evil presence, and so on. The demons had moved his bed to a different place in the room. Dr. Sumrall was angry, and commanded the demons to leave in the name of Christ, and the room went silent. Suddenly, he realized the bed was out of place. He yelled for the devil to come back, and the evil signs appeared again. He commanded them to put the bed back. The bed moved back to where it was originally. Then he again commanded them to get out of there. And they left. Then he went back to sleep.

The point is this: The Gospels make it very clear that you have power over the devil and over any curse. When you are in Christ, regardless of what the devil is doing, you have the right to command the curse be broken. It may take prayer or even fasting in some cases. But you can do it. And if you get a few other believers to pray with you in Name of Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, the curse will be broken.

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Rev. Pat Reynolds
Wayne Parks Ministries